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Inside every cell within our bodies is DNA. We know our DNA to be life’s blueprint.

Most people don’t know that we all possess 10 etheric strands of DNA lying untapped and unused. These strands can be activated with DNA activation. This is 97% of our DNA and referred to by scientists as Junk DNA. We only use about 3% of our DNA. The double helix DNA structure must be unlocked to uncover our true potential and access the vast amounts of data stored within.

Human beings are constantly stressed and unhappy because of this disconnection with our DNA and, consequently, the universe itself.

There are DNA activation techniques you can do yourself, or you can visit a practitioner to guide you on how to activate your DNA.

What is DNA Activation?

DNA activation is a method of reactivating those 10 strands of DNA known as Junk DNA, by grounding and centering your body and mind and channeling your higher self. It’s a form of meditation and energy healing that changes your DNA without any physical manipulation.

What Happens When DNA is Activated? 3 DNA Activation Benefits

Physical Benefits

  • Craving healthy raw and organic food
  • Drinking water instead of sugary drinks
  • Muscle gain and fat loss
  • No longer wanting to consume unhealthy fast food
  • Faster hair and nail growth
  • Improved eyesight (multi-dimensional sight)
  • Proper nutrient use, improved immune system
  • Increased energy
  • Radiant skin

Emotional Benefits

  • Unconditional self-love
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Clarity of mind and improved memory
  • Clear dream recall for guidance
  • Patience and gratitude
  • Confidence and self-belief
  • A sense of love and well-being
  • Spontaneous emotional healing

Spiritual Benefits

  • Higher level of human consciousness
  • Understanding of life purpose
  • Unexplained understanding of universal laws
  • Clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience
  • Kundalini and pineal gland activation
  • Raised vibrational frequency
  • Quick manifestation of desires

DNA Activation Techniques: How to Activate Your DNA Yourself

DNA Activation with Music

The Theta wavelength helps us to relax deeply and put our bodies into an accelerated meditative state. Using one of the Solfeggio frequencies, also known as the 528 Hz frequency, we can repair our DNA. This special DNA activation frequency has the intense ability to affect your genetic codes at a molecular level.

DNA Activation with Meditation

When using meditation to activate our DNA, we want to connect with a higher life force, such as an archangel or enlightened galactic being. While guided meditations can be helpful, the goal is to meditate by yourself in silence to obtain a higher level of consciousness.

Side Effects & Symptoms of DNA Activation

Interrupted Sleep & Pattern Changes

Your need for sleep may increase, and you may find yourself tiring easily because your body needs time to process the changes it is experiencing. Once your body has repaired itself, you will likely find that you no longer need to sleep as much as before.

Experiencing Strange Sensations

When your DNA strands have activated, it is common to experience odd sensations such as buzzing, hearing tones, and feeling tingling or pressure around your head. This is aura expansion, where your aura and energy field are energetically developing and optimizing themselves.

Divine Synchronicities

Your higher self creates your reality for you and communicates with you via synchronicities. You will notice many coincidences and patterns as your manifestation power increases.

Intense Emotional Changes

Strand DNA activation can cause an emotional reaction as your physical body accepts the changes to your light body. Emotional trauma and baggage from past lives will begin to lift and resolve, but during this process, you may experience mood swings and self-doubt. This is normal, and you must allow yourself to process the emotions you feel.

Wanting to Learn More High-Frequency Information

As your genetic codes change and transform, you will notice a desire to know the truth and discover more about your reality. This might involve reading, watching documentaries, or doing courses to expand your newfound thirst for knowledge.

Key Takeaways

If you feel disconnected from your higher self and truth, or need physical or mental healing, it may be because your chakras are not balanced, and your DNA is not active. Activating your DNA will profoundly change your life, allowing you to fully open your ascension process and become what you were intended to be.

DNA Activation FAQs

What is activated DNA? Activating the 10 dormant strands of DNA results in your higher energy body opening and accessing suppressed information within.

Can frequency change DNA? Yes, certain frequencies can change our DNA to clear energy blockages and unlock our spiritual gifts.

What is a DNA activator? The chosen method or tools you use to reach your DNA activation, such as deep meditation or listening to the 528Hz frequency.

Can DNA be reprogrammed? Yes, with DNA activation, we can reach our true potential, unlocking sacred gifts stored within our physical form.